Leon Varley Walking Safaris

Leon Varley Walking Safaris

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Whatever type of walking safari you are undertaking, you'll need to prepare and cover the basics.

Leon Varley Walking Safaris Elephant

Explore Zimbabwe with Leon Varley Walking Safaris

Since walking safaris can involve covering more than 10km of walking a day in rugged terrain and under the hot African sun, it's important that you are in good general physical and mental health and well equipped for your safari. We advise doing hikes in your local area to prepare for your trip.

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Explore Zimbabwe with Leon Varley Walking Safaris

One of your most important pieces of kit to bring - your walking boots. We recommend good quality lightweight walking trainers or boots that completely cover the foot, and with good soles. For hiking safaris footwear with ankle support is recommended. Please make sure that your shoes are 'worn-in' - it is best not to try to break in a new pair of walking shoes on a walking safari!


Explore Zimbabwe with Leon Varley Walking Safaris

A personal, refillable, water-bottle is a good idea, or refillable drinks bottle fitted in your backpack for hikers ('Camelback' or other brand). Drinking water is provided at camp, and refreshments at the end of walks, but you will be expected to carry your drinking water during walks. For camp based walking safaris you will probably find a small backpack useful to carry an extra layer, pair of binoculars or camera. For hiking safaris you'll need to carry your personal belongings, so pack a comfortable weight. Camp based walkers can be more generous in their packing, which will be transported with them to and from camp.

Electrical power is available on camp safaris, for camp lights and recharging camera batteries etc, but a personal headtorch is still a good idea. Hiking safari-goers should aim to have enough battery power and memory for cameras etc. to last the trip!

Leon Varley Walking Safaris Leon Varley Walking Safaris

Explore Zimbabwe with Leon Varley Walking Safaris

Hiking safari walkers need to bring their regular camping and support gear, which hopefully you will be familiar with and used to carrying. This includes tent, sleeping bag and mat, etc, although we can supply all camping equipment. Kitchen equipment and food will be carried by our guides and support team.

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Explore Zimbabwe with Leon Varley Walking Safaris

The African sun can be harsh, so a good sun-hat and UV sunglasses are recommended. You'll also need a good sunblock.

The Zambezi valley is a malaria zone, and we recommend you take anti-malarials during your visit (please consult your doctor for specific advice before travelling), although risks are low. Long sleeved shirts and long trousers will help prevent you getting bitten at dusk, when mosquitoes are most active.

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Explore Zimbabwe with Leon Varley Walking Safaris

Checklist: All Safaris

  • Cool, light clothing for the hot summer months
  • Light jacket or extra layer for early mornings & late afternoons
  • Sweater or fleece for cool winter evenings
  • Comfortable light-weight walking shoes/boots
  • Long trousers for evenings and cooler days
  • Shirts with longs sleeves will protect you form the sun and from the mosquitoes
  • Light, compact raincoat during the rainy months
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent
  • Personal equipment such as binoculars, camera, batteries & charging devices, plug adaptor
  • Personal toiletries etc. (the small travel sizes available for flying are perfect)
  • Malaria prophylactics
  • Torch/headtorch

Hiking Safaris

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Pillow

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